Monday, September 8, 2014

Owen's Room (update) REVEAL:)

I have been itching to change Owen's room, I was just kinda bored of the orange. So with spending a total of $7 I got two cans of emerald green sprain paint from Ace Hardware. (I already had sand paper to sand it down, clear coat spray paint, and some metallic gold paint to do the knobs- all from Ace hardware).

So here is the before:


I am really happy with how it turned out, I love going into his room and just staring at it:)

now as for the rest of the room;

The crib we (used to) have I got off KSL for a great deal and it is in great shape so we gave it a new home (to some lady that I sold it to on KSL)
and got this crib from IkEA:

and I also sold the rocking chair and got this leather rocking chair for a whopping $10!!!

Here is the results peeps:

crib}ikea   bike art}etsy frames}made them (but you can get similar ones at ikea)
Rug}from    Argentina (can get fake ones from homegoods)   Leather chair}KSL 
Accent pillow}Homegoods   Basket} Target

I am quite pleased not spending any extra money to spruce up his room and simplify! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Teen Bedroom

This client had me design a room for her little brother that is 16. 
I LOVE doing bedrooms, so of course I was thrilled to do it. 
He LOVES music so I made sure to incorporate that in the design.

My client requested to keep his current dresser and nightstands (which I don't have the nightstands in the e board but we will incorporate them). She wanted a headboard similar to the one below.
She also wanted an industrial iron curtain rod. 
The budget she gave me was $1,000
So keeping that all in mind and staying under the budget this is what I came up with:

(when I do the room reval I will post where everything is from)

I really wanted to add this Arne Jacobsen Egg chair. The chair retails for about $7,000. But that didn't rule it out for me I was on a mission to find it cheaper. Well even the knock off was still about $600-$1,000 which eats up the whole budget. So I turned to my best source of luck- KSL. I couldn't believe my brown eyes, knock off for $100.00 in great shape! 
I sent a picture to my client she loved it and went and picked it up! 
Insert...happy dance:)

The bedding is from H&M but we are also looking into these two bedding options,
both from Restoration Hardware

Garment-Dyed Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover

Italian Jacquard Stripe Linen Duvet Cover

The progress is coming along nicely we have all the major pieces and are just getting some of the smaller items to complete the room! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wedding Reception Decor

This client reached out to me and asked me to help design/decorate a backyard wedding reception.
After a few months of planning we finally got to see the hard work all put together!
My client really wanted to keep it simple but add pops of colors throughout the yard. We incorporated pops of colors throughout the backyard with elegant but simple patterns on fabric.

The donut bar and italian ice stand really made it fun but also kept it easy and simple.

The yard was so huge we placed little water stations for the guests so they don't get parched! 

I always love decorating weddings! I feel so honored to help put together an event for a very special day for a couple that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A design in process

This project has been so fun to work on. The clients I am working with just moved from California and bought this new, beautiful contemporary home in Utah. 

It was a flipped home and the guy that remodeled it didn't think to incorporate a microwave in the kitchen. 
My client did not want it on the counter (which I don't blame them one bit!) so we looked at all of our options. The island....would really crowd the area that is already tight. 
Under the low to the countertop. 
Put it above the oven..and take out that beautiful, expensive hood..NO.
So my client decided they wanted to extend the counter under the window a little and add base cabinets with a microwave. So that is what we will do!

I also suggested doing a corner L shaped bench under the window so the area is not client had the same idea! So built in bench it is! 
(excuse the blurry pics taken on my phone)

Here is the plan:

Here is some of the fabric for accent pillows on the bench and also the legs on the chair. 
All from Ethan Allen. 

The blue fabric is for the bench cushion. 

The entry way: 
These beautiful naked glass doors and the kitchen windows all needed coverings.

Here is what we went with:
(the striped is the one we choose for the kitchen/entry way. 
The other fabric is for some of the other rooms in the house. 

It looks SO good and I can't wait to share more pictures with you as we go along.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kitchen Nook

I am so excited to share this with you. 
I was going to make the bench a DIY project but as I got into making it, I thought NO one would ever want to do this! But now that I am done I regret not taking pictures as I went. (It reminds me of giving birth, you forget after a year the pain you went through...I am not saying it was that HARD..but there were times I felt like throwing my hands up and calling it quits). I also had some manpower help which was very useful! 

Well here she is folks in the glory of morning sunshine..

The only thing I would like to change is the chandelier...
but because we are renting it wouldn't make sense to do that. 

L shaped bench: Custom built
Table: Ikea
Chairs: Target
(2) green accent pillows: fabric purchased at Hobby Lobby (I already had inserts but you can purchase inserts there as well)
Bench cushion: Joan's- pad: Hobby Lobby (2" thick)
Tray: Target
plant, candle holder: Target
pictures: walmart
Sweat: mine 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Master Bedroom Reveal

I have spruced up our bedroom since my last post which you can read about HERE

I didn't bring a lot of bold colors into our bedroom because I just wanted our room to have a calm feel. I have been craving simplicity lately but I also wanted a splash of color to provide a balance so our room didn't feel too stark. 

I ditched our headboard and just put our bed under the window to make room for a chair that used to be my Mom's (she past away) so it was tricky to make it work in our small bedroom but I did and I LOVE the arrangement (and so does my very particular hubs, so it is a win, win!)

Here is the final result:

Drapery: West Elm (or you can get white ones from ikea for a lot less I just had a gift card there)
Curtain Rod- Walmart 
Nightstands: Ikea- I painted and stained them myself and just added pretty knobs from SILVER STAR HARDWARE- I got the idea HERE
Lamps: DI- used navy blue spray paint and Target lamp shades.
Throw: Homegoods
Ottoman: Wayfair

Rocking chair: My Mom's
Accent table: West Elm
Accent Pillow: West Elm
Throw Blanket: Homegoods
Decor accents: ball-Homegoods/ book-DI

Navy blue pillow- Homegoods
Navy blue rectangle pillow w/pattern- Homegoods
Light blue w/button pillow- WestElm

Let me know what you think! Do you like how I had it before better with the headboard and my other nightstands? 

Friday, April 25, 2014

What I am Lovin and Where I am Lovin it!

          I don't know if you all know about the rage of H & M home decor section but they have one and I am all over the prices and what they have to offer.  I really want some of these items for some projects I am working on so don't be surprised if you see them again:) Also I love the Elephant pillow. I am so fascinated by elephants I would love to get that for my little dude's room. Really it wouldn't be hard for me to use all of these items in my home:) 
All of these are under $10! 
7. 8.

                                   (To purchase or view items above click on links below)   
                                                      1  2  3  4  5  6   7   8