Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Easy on your feet & eyes

I am really feasting my eyes on antique rugs lately, so I have done a little research and put together some the best places to purchase them for a reasonable price.

I have found that a lot of designer love using this site on ebay to get a good deal on antique rugs. They are so pricey, and granted online shopping for rugs is never easy because you really can't tell the exact hues in rug until it is delivered to your home. Sometimes it is just worth the risk!

Here is some of my favorite round ups!

rug sources:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Show Casing Saturday

Today I am show casing Kristen Krason. Many of you who are involved with the blogging world know of her blog.
I am sharing with you her darling play room that she designed:
I literally LOVE every little detail about this space:

Thanks for sharing your work with us Kristen! 

You can check more of her work out on her BLOG or Instagram

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dream Office

I look forward to the day to have my own office. I know that what ever home we end up in I will utilize the space by creating a room that doubles up as my office and a guest room. (unless you have a massive home and rooms to spare, I always find it wasteful to have a whole room as a guest room that gets used if once a year). So here are some small offices that give me inspiration to what I would love in our future home!:) I like simple but bold and all of these little spaces make me happy and I could see me pulling little details from each of these offices:

I put together some little accessories that would be so beautiful in an office, its the little details folks that count:)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Show Casing Saturday

Today I am sharing with you the wonderful works of one of the girls I went to design school with!
She does an incredible job styling for Alice Lane.

Here is her latest:

The art work is a dream, I would love to just buy everything I see from Alice Lane.

Check out more about Kiana & her work on her 
blog:  twopepers.com & instagram: @kianapeperdesign

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sugarhouse Remodel

My clients totally impressed me at our first consultation meeting with these floor plans that they put together themselves! So these are the plans for the remodel:


Main Level:

Here is the first E-board I put together for them for the kitchen area:
They wanted copper incorporated and we didn't want to over kill with copper so I suggested just a pop of copper with the pendant lighting would really look unique. 
They did not want white countertops so I went with a more neutral color, even with knocking down a a couple of walls the kitchen is still narrow so I want to keep the surface as light as possible so light can reflect off the surface making the space feel more spacious:)

Here is the current state of the kitchen/dinning. I am thrilled to see our plans come to life!

I will be sharing the plans for the basement/dining soon!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Just to Clarify

I love, love, LOVE doing interior design. It is a strong passion of mine, I honestly can not emphasis that enough.  I have gone back and forth with how to fulfill this passion and also the knowledge that I have learned going to design school. It is so hard to find the right balance in life in all the different roles we juggle. After a lot of thought I have decided to stick with doing e-design. If you are interested in my services you can find out more about e-design HERE

That is all! Happy Friday and come check in tomorrow I am relieving a remodel project I am currently working on!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wall Paper Lovin

When I did my internship at Ethan Allen, I recall being so elated to find out that wallpaper was "in style again" although they quickly corrected me and said, "Crystal wallpaper was never OUT of style". Well that being said I have definitely noticed wallpaper being used a lot more than it used to be. I have had people ask me where to get my favorite wallpaper so here is a few place I have found wallpaper and LOVE:

Residential Wallpaper }{ Anthropologie }{ Etsy }{ Domino 

  I mean even if you clam to hate wallpaper how could you hate this, there is just so many different ways & styles that you can incorporate wallpaper into your home and it adds SO much!;)
Here is how some other incredible designers have used it:

{image VIA houzz}

{image via houzz}





LOVE it all folks! Simple and beautiful:)
Happy Wednesday!