Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby Girl Nursery

I have loved having the opportunity to design a baby girl nursery for my client. 

She told me she would like a brown crib, she really doesn't like contemporary cribs that seem to be the big trend right now. She wanted something more along the lines of traditional. With all the colors she wanted I put together a more eclectic nursery e-board:

Well after looking at furniture and shopping around she decided she wanted a white crib and to do the color scheme coral and aqua. Sticking with traditional looking furniture so here is the 2nd e-board that she decided to go with:

Very different looks right!? both very bright and cheery! All the furniture has been ordered we are just waiting for it to be delivered to finish off the little details! 
(I will reveal links to products with the room reveal)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Entry Way..

Here is what our entry way has looked like in the past. It wasn't bad but I have had that mirror since I was 8 years old. The entry way table was for my portfolio project (when I was graduating Interior Design school) just got it off KSL and painted it. I have never really LOVED it, I just always tried to make it work.

This was our January/winter decor for our entry way:

Summer entry way:

And now gone..haha:) as I smile with relief. 

I decided I really wanted a little bench instead of an entry way table: you can tell I totally photoshopped the faux fiddle leaf tree in, why because I only wish it were really in my home!! They are just so pricey though! Goodness. Here is where I really wanted to get one from:

Option ONE

Option TWO

(more affordable option)
Option THREE

And there is always Cactus & Tropicals that also carries real fig trees.

My husband HATES plants though, how sad is that! He disclosed this to me when I was sharing my great love for them. Well it is okay because I honestly don't want to deal with a live plant and a two year old. 

Instead of the fig tree, I went with this beautiful coat rack that my dad built us: 
(I am loving the brass hardware from Restoration Hardware) not only does it tie the whole look together but it is also an extremely functional space now. 

Coat Rack/custom built
ottoman bench/Target
Rug/from Argentina (but can be purchased at homegoods)
Accent pillow/Target 

(I went Target happy one day, which is hard not to do every time I go there)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good Find

Well nothing new with me, just sold our entry way table, mirror and some other decor to make room for some new/old furniture & decor. (which I will show what I have done to our entry way tomorrow so don't forget to stop on by to see it)  I always ask my husband what he thinks and he says, "I don't care as long as you don't spend money. So it works out nicely that I can sell our old stuff.

I have been wanting some kind of end table or accent table to put on the end of our sofa. Finally I knew just what I wanted so I headed to HomeDepot to get the material I would need, well I just wanted to get some pre-made legs but they were $11 a piece which really adds up for just the LEGS. So I thought I will just check the DI and see if they have what I am looking for. I wondered around and stumbled across the EXACT, I repeat (just so you know how precise I am being) EXACT table I was going to build for $10! What!! okay in the cart you go, you beautiful contemporary piece of furniture that I will sand down and paint when I get home. 

Here is the result (I forgot to get a snap of the before but it was just wood so picture that I suppose):

We moved our sofa against the south wall to make room for our Christmas tree and we found that we highly enjoyed the arrangement so we kept it that way. We also switched rooms with our son (cause he had a bigger closet and we really needed more space, so out he went) well he already has a rocking chair in his room so we brought this leather chair (that I scored off KSL for $10!) showed it some love with gorgeous sheep skin from Argentina draped over it and tossed an accent pillow.  Anyways here is how our living room now: