Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bedroom Conundrums

Our bedroom has been so plain for so long. I couldn't let myself just go buy all new furniture pieces that I know we can't afford, oh wait yeah, yeah I could. My husband aka better half- always replies to my "but it is on sale"- doesn't matter if we can't afford it- (so true). I almost like that response because then I am forced to come up with an affordable- for- us situation. This is when KSL and I become best friends. I just sell things that I fix up or that we have and don't need anymore. So then I have a small budget to go off of. Well here is what I came up with as far as a nightstands and headboard- 

This is the Malm nightstands from Ikea 
can be purchased here 
I got these two from ksl for $20.00 because they were falling apart (which most ikea furniture does)

Well I wanted to add a little flair:
With wood scraps  + gold spray paint + wood glue

I liked the Greek key symbol I have seen on fabric and other decor which is what inspired me
and this is what the final turn out:

I was so proud I made this headboard from the help of this blog post I came across:
She used a nailhead trim which would have been a lot easier..I just measured each nail to try and get a straight look (but in the end I wish I would have to get a more perfect look). 
with wood from home depot, nail heads, fabric, batting, only cost me $50.00 (which I had a gift card from Christmas to Hobby Lobby to cover it all- the fabric was only $8.00- love hobby lobby coupons!)
I don't care where you go, I have not been able to find a headboard- in white with a nail trim for $50.00 what a steal!

So as much as I enjoyed this set up I just didn't LOVE the nightstands or my perfectly unperfect headboard. So I SOLD the nightstands AND the headboard. But now with the money I have from selling both of those items I now was able to make these nightstands that I LOVE:

I will show a bedroom reveal soon here is a little peek of what I have been working on:

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