Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kitchen Nook

I am so excited to share this with you. 
I was going to make the bench a DIY project but as I got into making it, I thought NO one would ever want to do this! But now that I am done I regret not taking pictures as I went. (It reminds me of giving birth, you forget after a year the pain you went through...I am not saying it was that HARD..but there were times I felt like throwing my hands up and calling it quits). I also had some manpower help which was very useful! 

Well here she is folks in the glory of morning sunshine..

The only thing I would like to change is the chandelier...
but because we are renting it wouldn't make sense to do that. 

L shaped bench: Custom built
Table: Ikea
Chairs: Target
(2) green accent pillows: fabric purchased at Hobby Lobby (I already had inserts but you can purchase inserts there as well)
Bench cushion: Joan's- pad: Hobby Lobby (2" thick)
Tray: Target
plant, candle holder: Target
pictures: walmart
Sweat: mine 

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  1. CRYSTAL!!!! It looks amazing. I can NOT believe you built that! I'm trying so hard to finish my house with your beautiful designs! Getting closer!!