Monday, September 8, 2014

Owen's Room (update) REVEAL:)

I have been itching to change Owen's room, I was just kinda bored of the orange. So with spending a total of $7 I got two cans of emerald green sprain paint from Ace Hardware. (I already had sand paper to sand it down, clear coat spray paint, and some metallic gold paint to do the knobs- all from Ace hardware).

So here is the before:


I am really happy with how it turned out, I love going into his room and just staring at it:)

now as for the rest of the room;

The crib we (used to) have I got off KSL for a great deal and it is in great shape so we gave it a new home (to some lady that I sold it to on KSL)
and got this crib from IkEA:

and I also sold the rocking chair and got this leather rocking chair for a whopping $10!!!

Here is the results peeps:

crib}ikea   bike art}etsy frames}made them (but you can get similar ones at ikea)
Rug}from    Argentina (can get fake ones from homegoods)   Leather chair}KSL 
Accent pillow}Homegoods   Basket} Target

I am quite pleased not spending any extra money to spruce up his room and simplify! 

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