Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Style me Pretty:

Shelves can be tricky, making them look clean but not cluttered. Here are some tips and examples of different types of shelves and how to style them just right. 

Starting off with Kitchen shelves: 

Kitchen shelves are a great way to have more of an open concept and display your dinner-ware. That is how I chose to utilize the bottom shelf. The top shelf I used more for styling our rarely used (but pretty) cook books and dishes. To add color I used art and greenery.   

Balance and grouping is a must when styling. Notice how in this picture below there is one larger object and three smaller objects on the other end to help balance. It is not symmetrical but still is pleasing to the eye BECAUSE it is well balanced.  

Grouping objects: 

Office/Living Room Shelves: 

USE BOOKS on your BOOK shelves (makes sense). Best way to style your books is to:
1. place some vertical and some horizontal 2. organize in groups 3. take book sleeves OFF

When working with longer shelves layer objects:

 Here is a great example of how to style shorter/boxed shelves:

You could go all OCD on us:

Organized, simple, but not cluttered. 

Free standing book shelves: 

Use personal objects that have meaning and style them on top of books or layered by other art and objects. 

Happy styling! 

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