Thursday, December 17, 2015

Improving your Dining Area

You don't have to demo your house to improve it. Some paint, decor, furniture, and a decent light fixture go a long way! Although sometimes the budget can only allow one small improvement at a time! Which honestly the biggest statement in a dining area is mostly the light fixture so maybe start with that.  It really sets the mood for the area. 

Here are some round ups of my favorite dining rooms:

Art, simple but yet the statement of the room.

Add greenery. You can NEVER go wrong with a fig plant. 

If you would like a more bold statement go with a larger scaled light fixture. 

 Sneaking my own dining area in: add shelves, styled shelves look great in pretty much any area! 

Shiplap adds a nice clean texture to the wall also a (more simple) DYI. 
(check out THIS DYI if interested in shiplap walls.)

Add a rug to pull the whole room together. 

Happy Friday Eve! Until next post lovely's!