Thursday, January 14, 2016

DYI Vinyl Triangle Wall

For our son's room I wanted it to be bright with lots of simple modern patterns. I have always loved the vinyl wall stickers because unlike wallpaper it is not permanent. Which I endlessly like to change things up around my house so I felt like this was a perfect match for me! 

I looked online to buy some: HERE not bad only $25 but I was curious if I could just make them myself for even less. I went to Walmart and picked up some adhesive laminate shelf lining (you can get some HERE) for only $4. 97! I cut the triangles 3.5" W and 4" L. Using a ruler/measuring tape we (I had my husband help me, goes by faster with two!) spaced them 10" apart and just did our best to eye it.  Honestly I am surprised it turned out half decent! Owen walked in and exclaimed, "wow! good job mommy!" 

I really wanted to add some shelves to complete the wall. I strolled around target, found some shelves for $30 each, I wasn't a huge fan because they were chunky and I wanted more thin shelves. Went to Homedepo, scored two wooden shelves for $4 each! The white brackets were my favorite because it added a more modern look and they were only $2. Total on this accent wall I spent $24.00! Not bad my friend! 

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