Friday, September 25, 2015

Let's Talk Kitchen:

So I lied, I thought demo was done but its not. (I laugh at myself for my over ambitious attitude in the last post) We decided while everything is torn out, to go ahead and get all new plumbing.  Which is a refreshing thought to have all new plumbing and electrical! Its like having a clean slate!
Mean while in the kitchen..

I pulled this whole flooring up by myself (I feel like a little girl that just got potty trained, I am so proud of myself)  it was not the most enjoyable thing I have done but it is done and feels so good to have it done!

We just had the beam sheet rocked (not the top part just the sides to cover the nails, this picture is before it was done). This week the flooring will be installed and the existing floors will be refinished! So excited!! 

We decided to go with custom hardwood to match the existing instead of tile. Especially since it was almost the same price as the tile we were thinking of doing. 

The stain on the top (Golden Oak) is for the floors.
Bottom stain (English Chestnut) is for the beam and shelves in the kitchen.

Also to help you visual what the plans are for the kitchen here is an elevation: 

It is an L shaped kitchen and the drawing doesn't really show the peninsula but it is there! We are going with a slide in gas range, which our whole marriage we have always wanted a gas range oven! I can only imagine ourselves cooking on it and it brings me happiness:) (reno nerd ha!) 

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the cabinets. We are going with custom! It was close to Ikea cost and we could customize them so we were sold.

After tweaking a few things this is the design we are going with for our kitchen: 

I am thrilled to see it all come together! We are hoping to have the whole upstairs finished by October!

Side note..

Here is a little sneak peak of the tile for our bathroom floor! Everything is torn out of the bathroom so it is fun for me to have some eye candy to look at and envision what it will all look like.