Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dazzling Vintage

Vintage decor & furniture always have so much personality and can add SO much to a space. The trick is to create a space that has a lot of simplicity around the vintage furniture/decor so the space does not appear cluttered. Here are two homes that have TONS of personality and spunk but very clean and modernized. 

This traditional dining room is full of vintage finds. Images from the lovely Kindred Vintage

People ask me where to find vintage finds and honestly the best places to look are: flea markets, DI, local decor shops, and even better family heirlooms. I have a problem with not saving anything and getting rid of any STUFF I don't need or use. Other's have the opposite problem boarding hoarder line. Balance in everything I suppose. I still find simplicity to be the best but as the pictures so wonderful display how you can have a balance in saving/having antiques and using them as key focal point in a room. 

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