Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bedroom/ Office

Well if you know me I just don't mess around when a "new" piece of furniture enters our home. I like to make that piece feel right at home. So yesterday I posted about my find at the DI. Some call it luck, I call it destiny. Just kidding, kinda. 

Anyways so here is the desk, it made its way into our bedroom. I had to sell our nightstands to make room for the desk and also to cover the cost of purchasing it.  I sold our nightstands on KSL and it was great cause the girl I sold it to I went to design school with (its always a relief when I sell things on KSL and the person is not a cereal killer haha). 

Here is my new happy spot:

Desk-DI / World Market (on sale!) / Glob  / Pairs Picture / Lamp-given to me from a friend / Rug-from Argentina, similar one HERE

That's all folks, short & sweet today:)

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