Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chic Rustic Dining Room

 As I am designing e-boards for this client I couldn't help but become so excited to share the process with you! The house is under construction now and will be for a few months but I need to start the design process so I could coordinate with the contractor about lighting, flooring, and paint colors. Even the furniture needs to be picked out because some furniture can take a few months to get in. 

 Here is the living room currently:

Here are furniture pieces we are considering:

We want to brighten it up and bring color through art work:

Love these pendants and so do my clients for above the dining table:
Pendants from HERE

Buffet hutch/ we might try to find something cheaper on KSL but this is nice because it is white with mirrors. What better way to be chic and classy but not seem too bulky. 
Buffet/hutch from HERE

Lamp to go on buffet/hutch: can be purchased HERE

The dining room chairs:  can be purchased HERE

This bench is perfect. I was worried about it not being practical with kids but I finally found this tufted bench with stain resistant fabric so win win!
bench from HERE

My clients are debating about a rug because it can be a pain having to vacuum it rather than just sweep/mop it up if someone spills. Which is understandable! I do particularly love this rug from USA rugs: 

The dining table we plan to have custom made to something similar to the style bellow: 

Here is what it looks like all together-

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